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Mexco 107mm Diamond Core Dry Drill Bit Slotted X90 Grade

Mexco 107mm Diamond Core Dry Drill Bit Slotted X90 Grade

Mexco 102mm Diamond Core Dry Drill Bit Slotted X90 Grade

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Mexco Diamond Core Dry Drill Bit Slotted X90 Grade 102mm

Mexco 102mm diamond core drill bit has been manufactured to a high standard to withstand the huge stresses involved when core drilling into general masonry building materials. Our diamond core drill bits offer excellent drilling speeds and lifetime when used with most core drill machines due to their high diamond concentration, high quality barrels, back ends and 10mm segment height.

Mexco core drill bits are supplied as standard with a ½” BSP female backend and can be fitted with either a 13mm hex adaptor to fit a standard 13mm 3 jaw chuck or can be fitted with a SDS plus adaptor to fit an SDS core drill.

Mexco 4 inch core drills are recommended to be used in conjunction with a diamond core drill machine that is fitted with a slipping clutch and a minimum 850 watt motor to ensure fast drilling characteristics when drilling concrete, brick and masonry products.

Applications: Soft Facing Brick, Concrete Blocks, Hard Sandstone, Coarse Sandstone, Soft Slate, Breeze Block & Lignacite Blocks.

  • Diameter: 102mm
  • Length: 165mm
  • Precise Clean Cut
  • Slotted Barrel Aids Removal of Debris

When drilling into granite or drilling into reinforced concrete we suggest the use of wet diamond core drill bits as opposed to dry diamond core drilling.

Only choose the best tools for the job - choose Mexco.

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