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Probst AL65 Block Cutter Blades 650mm

Probst AL65 Block Cutter Blades 650mm

Probst Safeflex SF Clamping Device

Probst Safeflex SF Clamping Device

Probst AL65-V Block Paving Cutter

Snap blocks without great force: easy! With the perfect combination of lever and eccentric transmission, huge splitting force with minimal operating force is generated with all mechanical block snappers.
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Probst Block Paving Cutter AL-65-V

High rationalisation effect, as clean snapping of the blocks can often replace time-consuming and expensive cutting with masonry saws. Clean cuts with precisely guided, square, reversible blade Tilting, spring-mounted supporting table allows clean undercut for precise laying without uneven large gaps.

Lightweight but extremely stable and with precise cutting ability. Simple and fast operation with the long off-set lever. Blade height quickly altered with the large easy-to-use adjusters.

The suspended upper blade even cuts materials with conical sections - such as kerbstones.

Suitable for concrete kerbstones or limestones up to height 300 mm.

AL-65-V Specifications:

  • Cutting Length mm (in): 650 (25½'')
  • Cutting Height mm (in): 10-120 (½ - 4¾'')
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 88 (195)
  • Surface: Galvanized
  • Blade: Rigid
  • Man Code : 51200047

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